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«Ким ми є? Національні спільноти та корінні народи України» is a publication that describes the variety of cultures that live side-by-side in Ukraine

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The book «Ким ми є? Національні спільноти та корінні народи України» tells fascinating stories from real life, sometimes the tragic stories of immigration, and about culture, craft-making, art, and interesting initiatives among the representatives of the communities. The Ukraїner team had been gathering materials for this publication throughout the past several years and explored over 30 national minorities that live on the territory of Ukraine. Among them are Gagauz, Austrians, Roma, Jews, Czechs, Cubans, Nigerians, and others, as well as indigenous people of Ukraine, such as Ukrainians, Crimean Tatars, Krymchaks, and Karaite. Our stories are different, but we have a common history. The book is called «Who We Are» and Ukraїner is trying to find an answer to this question on the book’s pages.


Language: Ukrainian

Year of publication: 2022

Pages: 672

Weight: 2 kg

Size: 200×260 mm

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Weight 2 kg
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