Now you have the opportunity not only to financially support Ukraїner, but also to get something nice in return. About 30% of the proceeds from the sales of books, T-shirts, postcards and other products in this store are used for the development of our project.

Ukraїner is a volunteer media project that opens up a real, unexpected, interesting, and authentic Ukraine. About 300 volunteers are involved in its creation, and Ukraїner’s materials are available in ten languages.

The first round of expeditions lasted from June 2016 to October 2018 and covered all historical regions: from Slobozhanshchyna to Podillia, from Volyn to Tavria, except the occupied territories. These explorations resulted in more than 140 stories published on pages and in ‘Ukraїner. Ukrainian Insider’. book. Now, the Ukraїner’s team continues to explore the traditions and to record the modern history of Ukraine.
Thank you for your reader interest and support. Your involvement and sharing of our stories is one of the most important criteria for the success of our work.