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«Ukraïner. Ukrainian Insider» is English version of the book «Ukraїner. Країна зсередини», which became the best-selling book at the 9th International Book Arsenal Festival, and was nominated for the grand prix of BookForum Best Book Award-2019, where it received two awards.


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Language: English
Year of publication: 2019
Number of pages: 320
Weight: 1300 g
Dimensions: 190×246 mm
ISBN: 978-617-679-731-9
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«Ukraïner. Ukrainian Insider» is the print edition of the ambitious digital media project Ukraïner based on our 2016–2018 expedition throughout all the historic regions of Ukraine: from Sloboda Ukraine in the east to Podillia in the southwest, and Volyn in the northwest to Tavria in the south. In this book we feature the most striking and memorable moments of our exploration with the intention of sharing with the world the many unique places within Ukraine and the stories of the remarkable Ukrainians who live there. Evocative photography showcases these stories and together reveal a Ukraine that is authentic, surprising, and exciting.

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