Book Ukraïner. Країна зсередини 2

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«Ukraïner. Країна зсередини 2» is a book based on the second round of a large expedition around Ukraine, which lasted during 2019-2021.

This is a continuation of the book «Ukraїner. Країна зсередини», which became the best-selling book at the 9th International Book Arsenal Festival.



Language: Ukrainian

Year of publication: 2023

Number of pages: 304

Weight: 1300 g

Dimensions: 195х245 mm

ISBN: 978-617-8216-146

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Our team continues to study Ukraine, the results of which we share with you. This book is a story of the Ukrainian land, told by the Ukrainian people and filmed by the Ukraїner team. It was not enough to travel around all regions of Ukraine just one time to get to know it. Therefore, during 2019-2021, we drove the second expedition circle and brought even more stories about our incredible country and its inhabitants. Like all Ukraїner materials, these are stories of real people and the places they take care of, with dialogues and without directing. Traveling around the country, we want to capture it for every Ukrainian and for the whole world. And with the beginning of the annexation war started by Russia, this book has another important goal: to show Ukraine as it was before February 24, to keep it in our memory so that after the victory it could be rebuilt, and made even better.

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